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Sifteo Cubes are magical intelligent blocks.
We bring the blocks. You bring the magic.

(We also brought some magic already, also. Just bring some more, thx.)

a new kind of fun

Sifteo Cubes are a portable, wireless network of interactive blocks. They understand natural, physical gestures and respond with lively graphics and audio.

Create unique games that are truly enriching, kinetic and social.

real social play

Sifteo Cubes are all about hands on play, which is great for multiplayer games.

We combine classic play, like legos and dominoes, with the interactivity of video games.

batteries included

We've included everything you need to make great games.

  • cycle accurate emulator
  • asset optimizer
  • intuitive C++ API
  • comprehensive documentation

Ready to rock? Download our SDK, and start absorbing the docs.